Eyelash Extensions

Whether it's a full set or feature lashes you are wanting, your eyelash extensions will be customised to your desire be it natural, glamorous or long and dramatic.

Eyelash Extensions


  • Remove all traces of eye makeup and clean your lashes with an oil free make up remover
  • Do not use moisturiser or petroleum based products before application of eyelash extensions
  • Do not wear mascara
  • Do not curl your lashes as this may affect the eyelash extension application process
  • Remove contact lenses


  • Do not touch lashes for 3 hours after procedure
  • Do not wet lashes for 24 hours after procedure
  • Wear goggles in high humidity activities (shower, sauna, steam or facials)
  • Try not to get oil or moisturiser on the lashes as oil degrades the glue
  • Use an oil free make up remover and cotton tips to remove make up
  • Use mascara recommended by your eyelash specialist
  • Infill’s will normally be required after about 2-3 weeks
  • Do not attempt to remove extensions by yourself otherwise you may pull out your own lashes
  • Do not rub eyes or use an eyelash curler as it might crimp the lashes
  • Do not wipe eyelashes with fabric that can catch and pull on eyelashes